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12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Being a Loser

Author: Jordan B. Peterson
Narrator: Jordan B. Peterson
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Length: 15 h 39 m
Genre: Self-Help & Popular Psychology
Published: 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous

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Jordan Peterson came into all of our lives after a YouTube video of him saying that as a University Professor, he would only ever use the pronouns he and she for people who were biologically a "he" or a "she". While watching an interview with him on Bill Maher I went a googln' and was quickly weirded out by what I found. As best as I can tell, there is an internet army of small minded, mostly young males who support Trump, are out of work and addicted to opiates. I did not know this, but apparently it is happening. Dr. Peterson has addressed his set of "directions for life" to them in an effort to get them to turn their lives around, learn/earn their own worth and start taking some responsibility. I say that is a noble goal and somehow, in addressing this group of downtrodden westerner beta and omega males, Dr. Peterson has produced a book that anyone should be able to find some benefit from, even if just better understand the people around us.

This is a great book, I loved hearing his take of many classic stories from the Old Testament reinterpretations to him explaining just what Pinocchio was really all about (its actually pretty cool :). As a University Professor, Dr. Peterson really comes off as such, his extremely well practiced and focused ramblings are the riveting tales of an old man around a campfire, layered, wise and captivating.

It is enough to know that it is a great book with a lot of good, general advice for life, one of my favorite parts was the following, his list of nine "Rules for Kids", here it is paraphrased:

Nine Rules for Kids

1. No hitting, kicking or biting, except in self-defense (so you don't end up in jail).
2. Don't torture or a bully other kids (so you don't end up in jail).
3. Eat in a civilized and thankful way (so people are pleased to feed you).
4. Share with other kids (so that they will play with you).
5. Pay attention, stand up straight and talk to adults (so they don't hate you and might teach you something).
6. Go to sleep peaceably (so that your parents can have a private life and not resent your existence).
7. Take care of your belongings (because you need to learn how and we are lucky to have them).
8. Be good company when there is fun around (so you will be invited to the fun next time).
9. Act like you are happy that other people are around (so that they will be happy when you are around).

Dr. Peterson read this book himself for Audible and did an amazing job. At one very endearing point towards the end of Chapter 8 the author's voice begins to give. For a good 5 minutes he pushes through (sounding absolutely horrible) but the fact that he doesn't stop seems to be in line with the theme of the book.