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A Taste of Old Revenge

Welcome to a World of Mayhem

Author: B.R. Stateham
Narrator: Chuck Buell
Publisher: Amazon
Length: 10 hrs.-plus
Published: 0
Reviewer: Anonymous

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Up front I need to make an apology. I am the author of this book. And to be frank, I am attempting to blow my own horn here. (being new to the audio world, I'm kinda stumbling around in this new environment).

But on the other hand . . .

If you like a good 'whodunit.' If you like to sink your mind into a set of complex puzzles that'll just captivate you--if you're looking for a couple interesting characters who you've never encountered before. You've found it.

Homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales are hard nosed cops with complex personalities. One looks like a matinee movie idol from out of the 1930's. The other looks like modern day version of a red-headed Neanderthal. They're old friends, each possessing a rather dry sense of humor. With a generous helping of sarcasm thrown in.

I think you'll instantly be drawn into their world and become fast friends.

The print and ebook versions of the novel have garnered 14 or more four-star reviews. I'm hoping the audio version will continue that trend.

This is the first audio book of the series. The narrator and I are working on producing the second book. And I'm finishing writing the next one in the series.

I hope you'll give them a chance. They deserve to find an audience.