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Author: Phil Champagne
Narrator: Stephanie Murphy
Publisher: e53 Publishing, LLC
Length: 7 h 32 m
Genre: Non-Fiction
Published: 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous

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The Book of Satoshi is the definitive collection of the writings of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin. The invention of a frictionless, low fee, instant, censorship resistant and international digital cash system was the greatest of the 21st century. The idea that money could be sent anywhere, anytime for next to no cost and instantaneously captured the imagination of a generation of young tech enthusiast, students of economics and digital natives, for whom an on-line currency made perfect sense.


Aside from the man’s invention, Satoshi was undeniably one of the greatest minds in the field of computer science and engineering. His ideas presented though his writings seem perfectly formed, his writing style is perfection and error free as far as I can tell. I absolutely cherished every word of this collection, reading the words of a great mind has a way of making me feel smart and this is a great example of that, Satoshi’s explanations are so simple crystal clear it feels as if the invention is obvious, we are all left feeling like we could have invented it, that we are all Satoshi.


It is hard for me to understand the type of mind that could have produced what Satoshi did, the only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that Satoshi was an academic or state sponsored team of computer scientists. Any normal human would have released the ideas but not the code, or the code but have been unable to explain it as clearly. All evidence is that Satoshi was just a man who spoke British English, had an academic career and lived in the Western hemisphere. But how one man could be such an intellectual giant as to have invented Bitcoin AND have the foresight to understand the importance of staying anonymous. It is just too much to comprehend.


One man started a revolution, one that no one know where or how it will end. In the end, it may be that this one may will be responsible for the downfall of the internationally banking cartel that has ruthlessly run the world for 100’s of years. Satoshi was the hero we all needed right when we needed him. It is only a testament to his greatness that Satoshi and his invention was immediately and continuously attacked by trolls like Greg Maxwell, the legacy banking industry through funding anti-Bitcoin corporations like Blockstream, and funding anti-Bitcoin legislation.

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Great, thank you so much!

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Loved this, Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin!!!!

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Can we get the white paper too?

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What is bitcoin anyway?