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Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House

Collusion: Stupid Meetings, Dumb Money, and the Open and Shut Case on How Russia Handed Donald Trump the US Presidency

Author: Luke Harding
Narrator: Jonathan Aris
Publisher: Guardian Faber
Length: 10 h 37 m
Genre: History & Politics
Published: 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous

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We got him. According to author Luke Harding it is already too late for The Donald, the dossier is real and since the late 1970's Donald has been courted by and intimately associated with Russian finance by laundering money through his real estate properties. The only reason Donald Trump has had any measurable success is because the Russian government has in the past seen it fit to prop up his shoddy business deals with cheap loans or outright free money. If the reporting here is true, nearly every move Donald Trump has made is designed to please, or at least not disrupt, Russian interests. Taken as a hypothesis, that one of Trump's main aims is to please the top Russian leadership, the facts of the case make more sense. Nearly every odd staffing choice he has made from Manafort "working for free", to the creepy bald skeleton guy, to the no-soul skeleton lady, to the weird right wing nationalist creeps... They all have some seemingly exploitable Russian connection that has either been sought after by Trump directly, or in the opinion of the author, these people are being put together, and their connections are all tied to Vladimir Putin's Russia.

There is no conspiracy theorizing needed in the case of the American People vs. Donald J. Trump, his actions demonstrate (1) a clear intention to collude with Russia for gaining ground in the 2016 election and (2) clear cases of money laundering through his multiple international properties, specifically revealed in the Panama Papers recently. The guy is a dirt-bag and my only guess is that Bob Muller right now is just so baffled as to how such a degenerate got to the White House the FBI is taking more time than they obviously should be just catching up.

By the accounts in this excellent book, Trump should be arrested immediately, so is it that either the book is simply not accurate, Trump is somehow above the law, or something else is going on, probably it is the something else thing. No matter what, this is a great book, Luke Harding is an amazing author/journalist/detective. Please read this book and please, VOTE!