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Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Every Review Possible

Author: Blake Crouch
Narrator: Jon Lindstrom
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.
Length: 10 h 14 m
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Published: 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous

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Scientist say we may be living in a "Multiverse" not a "Universe". In a multiverse, by defenition, every that can happen, does happen, every possible version of you that can exist, does exist somewhere. I know, its crazy. Now image if there was a portal that connected all deviations of all of the universes, that is what our good nature genius scientist hero, Jason, has invented which allows him to travel through the multiverse at will. Bust, as soon as such a device is able to be invented there will be at least one version of the inventor who wants to use the invention for evil and that is just what happnes in the this novel. An evil version of Jason who has also invetend the same transdimential portal machine is using it to travel the multiverse searching for the Jason with the "perfect life" so that he can kill him and take his place, our hero Jason is just that Jason.

I loved this book. Loved it. It made me feel like a teenager reading just one more page then just one more chapter. The story is incredible, the use of the setting and new world view of the characters to tell a story about how we like to think of ourselves as unique people but are not is awesome.

At one point there are tons of "copies" of Jason, some good, some bad, all trying to get at the same family they think should be "rightfully" theirs, it gets crazy. I didn't cry reading it, but I could have, it was that good. It was methodical where it needed to be in describing technology can characters but fast paced at the same time. It might best be described as a thriller but I think Dark Matter will go down as a Sci-Fi classic in good time.