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Dark Money The Hidden History of the Billionaires

Dark Money, America is a Slave State

Author: Jane Mayer
Publisher: Doubleday
Genre: Nonfiction
Published: 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous

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We can have democracy or concentrated wealth but not both.

                                                       -Louis Brandeis Supreme Court Justice


Dark money is another great book about the dozen or so richest men in the world that control nearly all the money and most aspects of our lives. Organizations like the heritage foundation the Cato institute and Fox news are essentially all combinations of tax Havens and lobby groups for rich people that if somehow been successful and masquerading as conservative 


One of the biggest lies that this group of people has been telling is that conservatism is somehow good for big business that in some way people like Donald Trump can call themselves conservative when in fact what they want is socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for the poor 

New line.


People like Mercer and the Koch brothers are the greatest villains of our time they have used their ill-gotten gains in the stock market and by polluting at levels never-before-seen profiting off the back of the very destruction of nature and society.


Most disgustingly given the chance they have not use these ill-gotten gains to help their fellow man to improve the communities in which they depend or even help restore some of the very natural wonder avenso complicit in destroying. Instead they've chosen to use their massive amounts of wealth to what else but further expand their massive amounts of wealth by stealing from the poor through reduction of their own taxes and maximizing the burden on the lower class, socialism for the wealthy capitalism for the poor.


Billionaires should not exist as soon as one man can have the outmoded influence of a million or more something is wrong in a democracy when one man can simply decide who will be the next elected official something is wrong in a democracy. By all accounts we no longer live in a democracy we no longer live in a world that is governed by the desires of free men we live in a world governed by the desires of the wealthy as soon as there is one set of laws for the rich and another for the poor something is wrong with democracy.


My Hope Is that Donald Trump was the Apex of this mistake electing a businessman to run a country is certainly the Apex of stupidity. I for one hope that the destruction that Donald Trump has rot will be enough to teach us our lesson the democracy run for the benefit of the wealthy is no democracy at all any country has the choice between allowing the concentration of great wealth in the hands of a few or having a democracy but not both. Do lights send it to the presses