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Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos): A review of a horrible book

Author: Dan Simmons
Narrator: Marc Vietor
Publisher: Audible Studios
Length: 20 h 44 m
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: 1989
Reviewer: Anonymous

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Author, Dan Simmons, is that guy (usually at work or standing between you and something you are trying to do) that just wants to talk and talk and talk about whatever-the-fuck-it-is-that-happens-to-be-on-his-mind-that-second.

This book is (supposed to be) several interconnected stories, but the idea barely works. One story will be great and another seems like just filler, or a second rate one Mr. Simmons might have had laying around then threw into the "collection".

I think these books were well received because of the excellent thought provoking ideas, like that there are different "sects" of computer intelligence in the future. Some believe humans are necessary for computer's survival and others want to see them exterminated.

And this idea that human religion is like a "gift" sent back through time from our future selves to help fight the upcoming robot wars.

But holy hell Dan, are you trying to save on cover art or something? If you have five ideas, maybe write five books. 2 out of 5 stars. Two of the stories were great, the reset seemed out of place and I alway resent being forced to read through crap an author gets to the good stuff.

Hyperion FAQ:

Should anyone read this book? No, 100% no, I should be the last person to have ever read this book.

What about hardcore Sci Fi fans, some people really like deep intricate books? No, no one should read this horrible rambling crap. The ideas are great, but it could have been done in 1/2 the length.

What about hardcore Sci Fi fans in prison with a lot of time on there hands and access to the blog, should they read Hyperion by Dan Simmion? No.