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Jurassic Park: A Novel

Jurassic Park: Still a Novel Novel

Author: Michael Crichton
Narrator: Scott Brick
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Length: 15 h 9 m
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: 1990
Reviewer: Anonymous

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Michael Crichton uses the word, "crazily" at least half a dozen times in this book. That is weird, but lets get on with the review...

I don't know how many times I will need to be taught the lesson that the book is always better than the movie but I hope this is the last time. I have made this mistake in the past, of putting off reading a book just because it is too popular. Like an idiot I assumed that between my having seen Jurassic Park, 3 times (!) in theaters I had nothing to gain from reading the pop SciFi prose of Mr. Crichton.

But enough on what an idiot I am for ignoring this now SciFi classic and on to this amazing fucking book. I loved nearly every page, not to say it was not pandering and dumbed down to the point of sounding silly in places, e.g. using chaos theory to predicts what will happen in a particular situation seems silly. A good portion of the book is devoted to how mathematician, Malcolm, predicted the fall of the Park because Chaos theory shows that we can not control complex systems. But that is dumb really, and I hate to say, but this is exactly the type of silliness I think I was trying to avoid all these years. Truth be told, while reading I let it all slid because Mr. Crichton is just that good, to be able to feed us line after line of scientific mombo-jumbo and leave even us real scientist begging for more.

A great book for anyone, even 25+ years on it really still sounds very modern. I have not been reading many novels but am glad I made the time for this classic. I am not going to run out looking for my next Crichton fix, but will certainly try and stay more open minded about "popular" books in the future.