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The 4-Hour Body: An uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman

A Perfectly Stupid Guide to Nothing At All and Being a Regular Human

Author: Tim Ferriss
Narrator: Zach McLarty
Publisher: Random House Audiobooks
Length: 3 h 51 m
Genre: Self-Help & Popular Psychology
Published: 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous

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If you have not read Timothy Ferris's first best selling, headline grabbing book, The Four Hour Work Week, you have at least heard of it. The Four Hour Work Week is just what it sounds like, a step-by-step guide on how to make tons of money working no more than four hours a week, and it is just as stupid and unattainable as it sounds. Tim Ferriss apparently has hit upon a gold mine is selling bullshit to desperate people, first his target was the poor to middle working class of America, now with this book he is targeting the overweight.

His bullshit goes like this: by spending just 20 minutes in the gym three times a week for just three weeks anyone can go from flabby to Greek god following the guidelines in the book. Spoiler, the guide is to eat well and exercise. I am amazed that anyone (let alone millions, let alone myself (I did)) falls for this idiot's shilling. Just like in his first book he tells how if he can do it anyone can. More than anything Tim seems to be a professional salesman, in the same way a sleazy used car salesman will tell you a car costs $5,000, but only once he has you in the back room signing papers does the fact come out that $5,000 is the base price, and there is another $5,000 or so of fees and taxes. Tim lies to us, saying he went from unhealthy and fat to the peak of vitality with literally, ONLY a total of four hours in the gym. If this sounds like a dumb thing to say, its because it is a dumb thing to say. My only question is how does this jackass keep getting away with it. How many more Four Hour .... books are we going to see from this snake oil salesman. What's next, will he promise us a Four Hour College Degree, or how about a Four Hour Sleep Cycle, Four Hours to Learn Chinese... The potential list of bullshit this guy will sell is endless. Personally, I am sick of this sleazeball pushing deceptive books onto those who are most vulnerable to this kind of lie.

Please don't buy or read this book or any of his sure to come Four Hour to do Anything books he has in the pipeline, his publisher, Penguin Random House should be ashamed of this lie peddler and although I hate the phrase, Fake News, that is exactly what this guy is, 100% fake.