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The Millionaire Booklet and The 10X Rule

The Millionaire Booklet: Why I might not be getting super rich anytime soon

Author: Grant Cardone
Narrator: Grant Cardone
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
Length: 7 h 24 m
Genre: Self-Help & Popular Psychology
Published: 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous

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I promise, by the time you finish reading this short book you will know exactly how to become super rich. The beauty is, that just about anyone can do it, no matter what your current situation. The steps are incredibly simple and if followed, essentially are guaranteed to make you, super rich.

According to Cardone, the secret to getting rich is a three part plan, and here it is.

~~~~~~~Spoiler Alert~~~~~~~

1) Poor people save for stuff. They save for emergencies, vacations, cars, retirement, they save now to spend later. The super rich (or soon to be super rich) save to invest, all else be damned.

2) Live like you're broke. Every check, put away as much of it as you possibly can, leaving just barley enough to live on (if not less), and NEVER touch the savings except to invest it.

3) Manage "income flows". Ask yourself, "who has my money" (i.e. money you can possibly get) and no matter how small, look for additional income flows from those people and as soon as one income flow can be ignored move on. Work to build and stabilize one income flow, then look for the next. This takes working harder and longer than anyone else around you. Ignore friends and family, do not take vacations. Number one rule (of rule number 3) you are always working.

Cardone tells us we can expected this to take somewhere around a decade, during which time we are to put absolutely no energy into anything other than making money and growing our income flows. He warns us, people around will hate you, you will lose ALL of your friends and ALL of your family if you do this. People will think you are a greedy scumbag all the while and do their best to talk you out of it. Saying things like, they would not want to live like that, they would not like to spend so much time working. Losing the best years of your life to just making money, who needs that, I want to have a REAL LIFE.

He also tells us that not one of those people who try and talk you out of becoming super rich would not jump at trading places with you once you have made it and they still have another 20 years of working 9-5 to look forward to. So, work your ass off for 10 year, manage your income flows and live like you're broke, I'm in, let's all become millionaires together!