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The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book

Author: Neil Strauss
Narrator: Lone Skye (seriously)
Publisher: Harper
Length: 6 h 30 m
Genre: Self-Help & Popular Psychology
Published: 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous

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I won't waste space on the Internet telling you why this book, written by the author of, The Game is not especially good. His first book was about how to pick up women, his follow up, apparently, is about how to keep them. I did not like it, it was like taking advice from the guy in 5th grade when you're in 4th grade about how to get the girl on the playground to you like you.

Just give her an ice cream cone you get from the lunch room and after she says thank you, when shes not looking, give her a kiss, right on the mouth. Normally a girl would be angry but if you just gave he the ice cream she can't get mad.
-Neil Strauss, The Game and Jimmy Smith, 5th grade

I've said too much, given away too many secrets. People like the dumbest fucking shit and this is no exception. Rolling Stone magazine was once a bastion of the counter culture, this last decade has seen sales fall and, in my opinion, had the content go to sensational Cosmo-like grabbing headlines. Neil Strauss has served his tenure at the magazine as a staff journalist during this time of decline, I can't say 100% that the ruin of Rolling Stone is 100% the fault of just Neil Strauss, but I can say, this book was not that good, did not include any relationship advice and was kind of gross in parts.