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Themis Files Trilogy

My New Favorite Fantasy Book

Author: Sylvain Neuvel
Narrator: William Hope
Publisher: Random House Audio
Length: 9 h 2 m
Genre: Fantasy
Published: 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous

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This review is for all three books in the Themis Trilogy,  Sleeping Giants (Book 1)was the book that convinced me to purchase and read an additional two books just for the chance of getting a little more of what we got with Sleeping Giants. In short, if you have not read it, Sleeping Giants should be on the top of your fiction reading list but move Books 2 and 3 to the very bottom of that list, if not 86ing them alltogether. 

While a great story, Sleeping Giants has tragically been grossly categorized as Science Fiction, baring no resemblance to the greats like Heinlein and Asimov. The line between SciFi and Fantasy is an interesting debate but for me this series lies clearly in the fantasy genre with little to no overlap. There is little to no real world extrapolations based on scientific advances, the world Neuvel creates is compelling but is complete fantasy without any effort to get his readers grounded in even the hint of reality. I loved this book, but not for the reasons that I love to read SciFi, I loved it the way I love porn, or h agen-Dazs� ice cream because it feels good and I don�t have to think too much about why. 

Book 1 is a futuristic robot/alien love/hate story dominated by a fast paced comedic flow which would seem like trying to hard if the author wasn�t so damn good at it. This book and the two that follow are like The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu in its fourth season. Its a good show, I�m still watching it, but not for the story, I�m watching for the characters, the drama, in season 4 we keep watching not because we thing Offred is going to make it out, the story doesn�t matter anymore, we watch for the ambiance, we like living in that world and I love living in Neuvel�s world. 

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Some joker gave this book -9,000 upvotes somehow so I knocked it down by 100x and took the abs(). It was a great book and no way does it deserve -9,000 votes, Sir, please be reasonable.