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Author: James Gleick
Publisher: Pantheon
Genre: Science
Published: 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous

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For humans time travel does not and never will exist but information is another story. The author of The history of Time travel informs us that information can and does travel through time in the form of gravitational waves. The collapse of a neutron star rapidly, sends a signal throughout all timelines the death of a star is a timeless event so in some sense.


The history of time travel is hands-down the best book about time travel I've ever read. The most important thing to know about time travel is that it doesn't exist. The second most important thing to know about time travel is that it will never exist. If we compare the two-dimensional flatlander if we compare the amount of energy and transcendental you point it would take for a flatlander to project their mind into the third dimension we can see the difficulty one might have in imagining the 4th travel throughout the 4th.


Reality is incredibly detailed and the space time continuum is little understood. For instance we can define the 4th dimension but not a human being that is ever lived has been able to imagine it. Time exists at a right angle to the third spatial dimension.


Time exists at the right angle to the third spatial dimension. What in God's name could that possibly mean, what is a right angle to empty space in what direction does time go? The author tries to answer these questions fruitlessly but valiantly and he does through an exploration of the history of time travel.


Of course there is next to nothing as far as real scientific research goes into time travel. The official story stops when physicists tell us that in fact time does not exist and is nothing more than an emergent property of our perspective but getting old sure as hell feels real. So the only place the author has for source material left is the world of science fiction and perhaps humanity's greatest contribution to storytelling and scientific storytelling, my hero, Robert A. Heinlein.