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TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald

Trump Nation: A review of the beginning of the end

Author: Timothy L. O'Brien
Narrator: Peter Ganim
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Length: 3 h 25 m
Genre: History & Politics
Published: 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous

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Everyone knows that when Donald was first getting his feet wet in the real-estate development business his incredibly wealthy ($300 millionaire) father gave him a $1 million jump start loan. This amazing author, Tim O'Brien, goes into detail about that initial loan, but also the following $10 million, then $30 million loans he received from his father's estate in his early years.

For me, the take away of this microscopic look into the life of one of the dumbest human beings alive, was that some people just get lucky and fail upwards. Almost comically, Donald has failed at most of what he has done. He would have made many times more money than he did over his lifetime had he just taken his father's initial loan and put it in any stock market index fund.  At every failure, his father was able to bail him out. My FAVORITE example was when his Dad, Fred Trump, wanted to give his boy Donny $2 million tax free and fast for his failing casino. Instead of filing paper work and paying taxes on such a large gift to his son, Fred Trump went to Donny's casino and bought $2 million worth of poker chips, then essentially just threw them away (never chased them), netting Donny a cool $2 mill, tax free.

Donald Trump is an idiot, at least by the close account of this book. He is really not much more than son of a rich guy, rich idiot who has never been allowed to fail completely and (at least before the election that made us all question our sanity) has had only one positive quality, that of being amazingly great to watch on reality TV. O'Brien spent A LOT of time with Trump by the sounds of it and over all Trump comes off a a great guy. Nice to the people around him, personable and good at not mixing business and the rest of life. But good God, what a sad misguided idiot he seems to be too.

If you want a great look into what it is to be Trump, this is the best account I've yet seen. God help us all, #ReadyForWarren2020