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An Ugly, Easy Read

Author: Scott Westerfeld
Narrator: Emily Tremaine
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Length: 10 h 12 m
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: 2015
Reviewer: Bo Ridley

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For my audio books I prefer something simple. Short words and simple thoughts so that if I get distracted for a m while waiting for a stop light I can come back to the book and still know what's going on. Uglies delivers. Based in a future of crumbling, abandoned cities and a tightly controlled population of survivors controlled by an elite group of surgically enhanced super humans, this book is easy to follow and easier to understand. You can listen to this book while driving, working g in the woodshop or cleaning the house and not be distracted from your task.'

There are some cool ideas that keep your interest, this book is poppin' with hover boards, genitcally modified orchids and brain damaged slaves. There are some brief periods of puke-in-my-mouth teenager romance, but I made it through those with minimal disruptions. The perfect listen for busy adults looking for a little distraction from the real world.'

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