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What Happened

What Happened: How Hillary Almost Ruined America Way Worse than Trump is Currently Ruining America

Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Narrator: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Length: 16 h 51 m
Genre: History & Politics
Published: 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous

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In, What Happened, Hillary Clinton tells stories like the one time she went out to lunch with four good friends, when the waitress came to take their order and noticed she was serving THE Hillary Clinton, she stammered and just had to know how the group knew each other but especially wanted to know how they knew HER. Hillary tells how the group proceeded around the table telling the waitress, in turn, how each had met Hillary and at least one INCREDIBLE thing Hillary had done for them. One friend told of the time that her son had fallen off his bike and scratched his face, Hillary was able to "pull some strings" and get an appointment with "Washington's best plastic surgeon" the very next morning for the boy and after a short procedure, thankfully, there was never any sign of a scar", and on and on....

It took me months to get around to writing this review and I am still heated at the thought of how close this insane woman came to the White House. I don't know how but this county managed to hold an election between the two worst possible people. Before November 6 I would have said that Trump was the obvious worse choice (of course I voted Hillary (I'm not insane)) but today, after one year of Trump and reading this book, I can say 100% that this county, nay, The World, dodged a bullet the day we chose not to elect this lunatic to the White House.

I could go on and on about the insanity of this woman, the utter lack of regard for realty, he total disconnection from people, her attitude and justifications for failure are just sickening. If you want to spend 30+ hours vomiting little by little into your mouth, then you should read this book, for everyone else, just believe me when I say that even though Trump this the worst thing to EVER happen to this county, Hillary would have been worse.

The self serving stories like the above go on, and on, and on as Hillary drones about how difficult (and normal) her upbringing was and how difficult (and totally normal) her life has been for the last 20 years in "public service". That's right, somehow Hillary has confused living on the dole with a private 24 hour security service for the last 20 years as somehow "service".