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How to Use This Site and FAQ


How to use:

1. is a small curated collection of audiobook reviews and recommendations. The front page shows the top 100 upvoted audiobook reviews.



2. We aim to include only the best and most popular audiobooks. To get the most out of this site browse audiobooks using the "Best of" and "By Genre" lists.

3. Anyone can post and vote on audiobook reviews and recommendations. Each post can have helpful links to resources like Overdrive, YouTube, Amazon (affiliate links are accepted) or other sites where the book can be found. This site uses Mega for file hosting. If you have not used Mega before you may need to download the app to access your files.



How do I post?
First you will need to login or register. Then click the Submit Post button. Fill in as much info as possible along with your review and links.

How do I download? 
This site is only for users who previously own the respective titles, any use is governed by the publisher. If you already own the content, please use the Mega link to download your title. You may need to install the Mega app depending on your platform.

How many books are there? 
Less than 1,000. This is a small collection that aims to have the best and highest rated of each category or genre.

Who runs this site?
My name is John, I live in England and do this as a hobby project. I am mildly dyslexic and have discovered the world of books through audio and only want to share this love with others. I listen to 1-3 books a week and understand that for most of us the available resources are not sufficient. Goodreads is amazing but lacks reliable reviews and resources, audible is simply not affordable for a majority of people in the world. Services like Overdrive and local libraries are amazing, then even now some are charging upwards of $50 for memberships, and of coruse libraries are not available to everyone. Audiobooks have changed my life, given me the opportunity to "read" hundredes of books I never would have been able to force myself to sit through otherwise.